«Miracle». American removed avalanche and survived him — video

«Miracle». American removed avalanche and survived him — video

09.02.2021, 07:53

Avalanche in Utah, United States (Screenshot Video BackcountryMiles — Instagram)

In the mountains of the state of Utah, American Miles Pedrows took a video guarded by avalanche, as a result he was lined with snow, but he managed to survive and dig a brother. This writes a local TV channel 2 KUTV.

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As noted, the incident occurred in the mountains of the Yinta (Uinta Mountains) when Penrows rode a snowmobile with younger brother and three more friends.

American says that he knew this place well, because I rode here on sleds with eight years. He finished shooting a brother on camera and suddenly felt the mountain shook.

«At first I thought it was an earthquake. Then it came to me, it’s avalanche. When I turned and looked up, I saw the approaching snow wave, «wrote the author of the video in Instagram.

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Publication from Miles Penrose (@BackCountryMiles)

Penrouse says that avalanche backpack did not work, but he was listed in the middle of the chest — and he could dig. Then he found and dug his brother. The rest of people also saved.

As a result of the incident, no one was injured — and snowmobile riding lovers are called a miracle that everyone managed to survive, the canal notes.

2 KUTV also writes that over the past seven days from the convergence of Avalanches in the United States killed 14 people — this is the highest rate for the seven-day period for more than 100 years. Among the dead were four skiers in Utah, which was covered with avalanche in the area of ​​Mill Creek Canyon (Millcreek Canyon).

  • January 29, 2021, it was reported that in the French Alps rescuers found a living person who got under avalanche and spent almost three hours under the snow.
  • See also: Snow avalanche in Turkey covered rescuers, more than 20 victims: video

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